Restaurant Feedback Cards

Every so often I get really fun emails from readers of this blog. One was from Ryan, who was impressed by a blog I had written about creating your own restaurant feedback cards, an idea that first came about after I had read another blog (Chubby Hubby, in the links section) about someone who had done the very same thing. Ryan took it upon himself to follow my lead and have his own cards printed up. Here's what he writes:

"I was so inspired by the Martha Moments posting about the Chubby Hubby Feedback cards I began plotting how I would create my own version. I made a few minor edits to the Chubby Hubby text but decided to change the formatting and size significantly. When I sketched out the cards in their original dimensions (standard business card size) I realized they were much too small. I thought the square shape and larger size was considerably more distinctive. I designed what I wanted and sent it to a local printer that I know and trust. I special ordered the boxes from a great company in Tennessee called Nashville Wraps ( This year all of my presents were covered in an icy blue paper with cheery red satin ribbons. Needless to say the Feedback Cards were a huge success this Christmas. Now I find myself wondering what I will do next year..."

To make it all the more wonderful, Ryan sent me a package of his beautiful cards, wrapped as described above. I took some photos, below.

You really do meet some great people in this ethereal world of broadband!

Ryan's cards measure 8 centimeters by 8 centimeters and are kept in a sturdy cardboard box with a lid. They were sealed with an explanitory strap describing the purpose of the cards: essential when giving them as gifts.
There are four variations of the cards. Simply circle the adjective that best describes the meal and leave it for the proprietor. If restaurant flirtation is more your game, well, there is a card for that too!For more about restaurant feedback cards, see the 'PROJECTS' link at the right side of the webpage.